Batman Beyond Rebirth #1 Review

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Art By Ryan Sook
Colors By: Jeremy Lawson and Tony Avina
Publish by DC Entertainment


After a long break, DC has released the newest edition of Batman Beyond with Terry McGinnis as the main man In Batman Beyond Rebirth #1. Welcome back Terry! Fans of the series have been waiting for his Triumphant return as Batman. Now the big question is “How is the new Rebirth story?”. Here is my review. 

Batman Beyond Rebirth #1 does a great job allowing the reader to catch up on what has happened in McGinnis as well as what is currently happening in Terry’s world.  The books starts off in the heat of a mugging from the vile Joker gang but flashes back on where and how Terry McGinnis gets his drive for being the new Dark Knight. While the flashback is happening, it also advances the story bit by bit, unveiling why the Joker gang is causing rampage in the troubled city. Legendary writer Dan Jurgens does a great job keeping the story going and stable, especially since the book bounces between a flashback and current day. From the most part, the story seems a little dry which is fairly surprising. There was a lot of action but, it seems the Batman Beyond is missing the suspense and thrill of being the creature of the night.  

bbWhen it comes to the art in Batman Beyond Rebirth, artist Ryan Sook has an eye for detail. The action shots of the future batman are incredible and great to look at although at times, some of the coloring is a little off. Its not Sook’s fault, but I think this was in big part with 2 different colorist in one book. It goes to show how important colorist are in setting the mood of the story. Some pages are dark and broody while others can are the opposite. 

Its great to see Batman Beyond again and its even better since Terry is back as the Dark Knight. The book comes off a little slow at first but as always, one should not give a story a one book try. Hopefully, issue 2 advances the story in the way that would catch the readers’ eye for excitement. With Dan Jurgens at the wheel, I do not have any worries that something big is coming in Terry’s future endeavors.