Wayward #5 Review

Published By Image Comics
Story By Jim Zub
Art By Steve Cummings
Colors by Tamra Bonvillain
Rori is rushing back home in Wayward Issue 5

Issue 5 of Wayward does not disappoint! The book starts you off at full speed and does not slow down from there. After realizing her exploration about these demons was decoy to lure her away from the real threat, Rori rushes to return back to her house by manifesting her mysterious powers. Each time she uses her powers, it seems to get stronger and stronger! When she reaches her house, Rori is greeted by some new demons and a very shady indivisual that has a “Music Man” kinda vibe. With an incredible battle that goes throughout the book, the first story arc closes with an amazing cliffhanger that will be wanting you to ask for more.

It is amazing how far Jim Zub’s writing style has evolved since Skullkickers. Not only were there no slow down times in this chapter, Wayward has consistently  kept the viewer engaged since issue #1. The storytelling in the issue is completely fluid and very thorough. It clearly shows Zub has done his homework on Japanese lifestyle as well as giving his own twist in it. The best part of the issue was when it felt that all hope was lost and the mysterious man in the hat is controlling things, the one sided conversation he was having with Rori was great. It sets the mood of what the enemies are wanting so bad and as well as put the building blocks of the next arc in motion.

As to expect from in the story, the art that Steve Cummings provides does not disappoint. It feels that the pair of Cummings and Zub are completely in sync with one another. The colors in the entire book that Tamra Bonvillain provides  are bright and dynamic. Even though the entire book’s art was amazing, some of the best pages were near the very beginning. The negative shots  showing how fast Rori was going to race back home was epic. The fight scenes as well I completely adored. Its impossible for me to choose from!

The 5th issue of Wayward marks the conclusion of the 1st story Arc. It is sad to see that there will be a 3 month gap before it continues in March of 2015. I for one will anticipating an even bigger impact in the next story arc and cannot wait for this amazing book to return.