5 Elements That I Would Like To Be Seen In Watch Dogs 2

With the announcement from Ubisoft earlier in the week that their newest IP Watch dogs will be getting a sequel coming in the fall of 2016, I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to give some suggestions of the game. I am a Watch Dogs fan and I believe that this series has a lot of potential of making it big. Watch Dogs 2 can and hopefully will learn from its predecessor’s mistakes. I would like to help Ubisoft with this before E3 and pray that these following changes will be in the new game:  




1. Less Graphic Glitches and Promised Graphical Upgrade

I would like to see Ubisoft finally live up to giving us the graphics it promised this time from the start and not in some little patch that came way too little and too late. The patch still did not even come close to what we saw at the Ubisoft press conference that day. Granted, the game still looked good and I enjoyed it immensely but it just wasn’t what everyone wanted from that first preview. Now I know graphics are not a big priority to some gamers and some prefer the game play over it, but when a game is shown to you a certain way, you kind of expect it to be that way when it comes to you.



2. More Parkour

I would love to see a lot more missions with parkour elements in them. There were some in the first game but, I did not feel that it was enough. The missions that had parkour ended up turning into a GTA “race and chase” the mark all over town. I would like see some full blown parkour missions that included running up walls, jumping buildings, Zip-lining down cables, hell, they could even take a page from Uncharted 4’s parkour elements.




3. More hackable objects in the world

I would like see more uses of hacking with your phone than just stealing bank accounts from passersby and opening cars for you to steal. It seemed like that was all there was to do is walk by people and hack their bank accounts over and over. If the sequel can utilize a better hacking system in the game, I feel it would increase the player experience substantially. From the trailer, it looks like you can hack a drone, not certain of the uses for this. Maybe to spy on your mission marks or scout out different routes. (We will find out soon enough at E3!)




4. Better Character Customization

I know they had outfits you could unlock or buy, but they all had basically the same trench coat look to it, like a terrorist. I want some more selection like GTA has to offer, from shoes to shirts/jackets would be quite nice. I mean I would go over to friends houses to watch them play or even watch You Tube videos and everyone was basically wearing the same clothes. No one had that unique look to them. It’s the little things that counts.




5. Multiplayer Mode

I would love to see either some Co-op elements or some form of online aspect. I am not talking multiplayer, they had that right in the first game. More of some cooperative game play to co-op with your buddies and do some quests or just drive around and cause some havoc. A lot of games these days seem to be shying away from the co-op modes. Do not get me wrong, I love a good single player game, but sometimes it’s a little more fun to play with your pals.

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