Dragon Age Magekiller Issue #2 Review

Dragon Age Magekiller Issue #2
Story By: Greg Rucka
Published By Dark Horse



I thoroughly enjoyed the first issue of Magekillers.  The second issue however…

…you may  have to bear with it at first, but I promise you, it is worth it.

Overall, it’s not bad, but it does pale in comparison to the first issue.  The first few pages are a bit rough.  We still have our plucky narrator giving us sass, but Marius has more speaking lines and some of that strong, stoic mystery is lost.  He starts to sound whiny.

The writing although not stellar at first, picks up about halfway through the comic.  Marius goes back to that badassery hinted in the first issue and being able to see mage3him in action is exciting.  We also start to understand why they were dubbed Magekillers, it does not disappoint.

The humor bounces back as well and with that Tessa continues to surprise me at how likable she is.  Again, it is only because she another rogue in Dragon Age and competing with the wit of Varric, Isabela and Zevran she has a lot to live up to, but she still stands on her own.

As far as artwork, we get to enjoy more scenery of Tevinter, which is something we never get to see in the video games.  Minrathous feels accurate, just based on what has been gleaned from Tevinter culture from Dragon Age Inquisition.  The fashion and design of the world is beautiful and cold, exactly how it should be.  I continue to enjoy Carmen Carnero’s work.  That being said, a few background aesthetics bothered me.  One being a setting change that was slightly confusing (for instance, a powerful mage sitting in what looks like frumpy looking kitchen without any show as to how they get to said kitchen was a little disappointing.  It’s Tevinter!  Show me an extravagant table carved like a dragon!).  Another odd quirk was the likelihood that a full-blooded Qunari would be sold in a public slave auction among humans and elves like it was no big deal.  (Even as Tal-Vashoth it didn’t seem like something you’d just throw in there, but this would be a fascinating debate for a later time).

I digress.  Despite some of these gripes, by the end of this issue you will be excited for Issue #3.