Green Lanterns #2 Review

Story By: Sam Humphries
Pencils By: Robson Rocha
Colors By: Blonde
Published By: DC Entertainment


Jessica Cruz Tested in Green Lanterns #2


Coming from the epic introduction of the new green lanterns of sector 2814, Green Lanterns #2 focuses mostly on one half of the duo, Jessica Cruz. In this issue, the reader immediately finds out the master plan of the Red Lanterns. Atrocitus, leader of the red lanterns, reveals that the red lantern corp is dying out and needs a new location to focus the rage needed to fuel them. If only there was a planet that could provide that for them. Oh wait, how about Earth !? Meanwhile, Jessica Cruz is out shopping until a large amount of people become fueled with uncontrollable rage, including Jessica’s sister. Now, its time for Jessica try to save her sister.Green Lanterns #2 Rebirth

The plot of this issue is simple enough but, Green Lanterns #2 is very important because it gives Jessica huge character development. Jessica is new to the Green Lantern way of life. Prior to being an extreme introvert, she was also a slave to power ring after the Forever Evil event. Needless to say, she has a lot of issues. Sam Humphries offers the reader a 1st person view of the mind state Jessica Cruz is in. Humphries does a great job showing Cruz’s struggle on trying to gather the amount of willpower needed to become a powerful Green Lantern. The best part of the book is when Cruz attempts to show her sister how the ring works. Even though there’s  not much action and Simon Baz is briefly in the book,  Green Lanterns #2 holds merit just by story alone.

The team of Robson Rocha and Blonde solidifies Green Lanterns #2 greatness. The art is dynamic and the scenes pop out to the reader. Some of the best parts are the contructs the lanterns make in this issue.  The most important aspect a lot of people overlook when it comes to art style is emotion. Facial emotion and looks are especially important in Green Lantern books since they represent the spectrum of emotions in the first place! Rocha captures this flawlessly with a lot of the rage scenes and Atrocitus himself.

Overall, Green Lantern #2 is a great read. The overall story feels like it took a back seat but, this story needed to be told. Its surprising how good this book is and with Humphries at the helm, its only going to get better.