Harley Quinn And Her Gang Of Harleys #1 Review

Writer: Frank Tieri, Jimmy Palmiotti
Pencils & Inks: Mauricet
Colors: Hi-Fi
Published: DC Comics


With Rebirth around the corner and the new 52 run of Harley Quinn is winding down, whats next for our insane psyhcopath anti-hero? Well of course, another kind of HQGH_1_3comic book! In Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys #1, Harley Quinn introduces her own gang/posse that fights crime in their own crazy way. In the issue 1, you start with Harley and her gang is at some sort of food festival and is fighting off a hipster “gang” (Thats right, hipsters also have gangs…). After some fist flying action and some quirky jokes, Harley Quinn needs to go the bathroom where she gets kidnapped. Without their leader, Harley Quinn’s gang is now trying to find their insane leader throughout the city. When they finally found out what was going on with Harley, something unexpected happens that throws a wrench in the whole ordeal.    

The story Jimmy Palmiotti and Frank Tieri is setting up in this book seems a little dull. Even though this book is introducing the cast of Harley’s gang, the story never captivated the imagination of its reader. Another issue is the gang itself. Harley Quinn for the longest of time has been in teams that you know who they are (i.e. Deadshot, Poison Ivy, etc.). In Harley Quinn and the Gang, the book introduces you to 7 unheard of people basically at the same time. That is a little overwhelming since the reader does not have a reference of where these people came from. Instead, each person gets 1 panel explaining their origins. The issue’s best part is at the end where the twist comes into play.   

The art from Mauricet is also a little bland. There are glimpses in the book like whole page piece of Harley tied up in a chair or the fight with the hipster gang that is great but, most of the book did not really stick out that much. If Hi Fi did not do the coloring, it would be a whole different story. 

If you are infatuated with Harley Quinn, this would be a book for you. Otherwise, if you are new into reading comics with Harley Quinn as the main. This one is not for you.