Kefla Trailer & New Features Coming In The Latest Patch of Dragon Ball FighterZ

On February 28th, The Dragon Ball Fighterz will be adding a new Saiyan on its roster. Kefla joins the battle. Bandai Namco released a trailer of the upcoming fused Saiyan, and I have to say, she looks fun to play. Players who get the season 3 fighterz Pass will get Kefla on the 26th.

The fun does not stop there. Bandai Namco also announced a Free season 3 update. The upcoming update seems to be very meaty. It will allow players to choose the assist your Z characters will do. Each character will have three different options to choose from to help you win the fight. Boot Camp mode will help you hone your skills by clearing challenges. Not only that, but DBFZ will also have Paid DLC Characters from the previous season playable for a limited time.


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