Night Owl Society 3

Night Owl Society #3 – Review

Writer: James Venhaus
Art: Pius Bak
Publisher: IDW Publishing


The Viceroy has revealed himself as David’s father, the local mob boss! David is in trouble, his father has given him an ultimatum. Obey him or lose Chloe, his little sister. David and his father is now at an impasse. The Viceroy thinks he is weak and needs to be strong and wants David to take over the family business. Our hero has tough choices to make in the near future. As for the others in the Night Owl Society, they know David is in trouble and they go to help, but they may be too latNight Owl Society 3e.

This was a roller coaster to read and I really didn’t know what was going to happen after one page to another. Just when I thought it was going to go one way, it completely went in the other direction! David’s character has actually maintained his stance and this last issue, his is pushed to the breaking point. His friends are still mad that he was not up front with the information on his father but, they understand his motives. This issue was heart wrenching and I feel it is just a beginning.

James Venhaus does an excellent job, he has kept the continuity of this story line and gave an interesting spin on how one kid finds justice. I like how this issue’s story take place mostly in one scene, David situation playing out the same time his friends are trying to find him. It goes back in a couple of panels, then fast forwards to what you think is the end.

Pius Bak has picked up his loose drawing in this issue. It is back to the quick but solid sketch style which I thought was lax in issue 3. He use a lot of lines to express the anguish, which there was a lot in this issue. The panels that were just the characters and nothing else. I also love the minimalist way he treats an overhead shot on a panned out scene. Marshall Dillon did a terrific job with lettering, his treatment of the clean words and even though there was some panels with a lot of dialogue, it was very easy to read.