Phoenix Comic Con Will Be Paying Their Staff Working At Shows

In early January, Phoenix Comic con previously announced that volunteers for their future events will be going through the non profit organization, The Blue Ribbon Army. A person would have to pay an annual $20 fee at the minimum to get a chance to volunteer for Phoenix Comic Con. After a massive uproar in social media, Phoenix Comic Con founder Matt Solberg acted swiftly from the feedback of concerned individuals, held an “all hands” meeting on the possible format. This morning, Matt Solberg released a letter announcing the new volunteer format: 

After much deliberation, we have decided to shift to an all paid staff in the operation of Phoenix Comicon and all events associated with Square Egg Entertainment, Including Phoenix Fan Fest, Minnesota Fan Fest, and Keen Halloween.

Even though this was not initially the original plan, having an all paid staff seems like this is the better option for this big show. “For profit” shows like Emerald City Comic Con, C2E2, New York Comic Con (All owned by ReedPop) who gets massive attendance numbers currently does a paid staff format and from the most part, it has been working fairly well. Being a volunteer can easily be overwhelming. Especially when attendance is estimated over 100k people in a 4 day time span. As for the Blue Ribbon Army, the organization will still remain working with Phoenix Comic Con and promote the event:

We continue to support Blue Ribbon Army as a corporate member and through promotion of their group and activities.  We look forward to what they can accomplish and are excited to be a part of it.

With a paid staff format, volunteers will be coming to help in this great show.

To view the rest of the official letter, click here.