Prepare For Nonstop Action | Chainsaw Man Vol. 2 Review

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December 4, 2020
Tatsuki Fujimoto
Tatsuki Fujimoto
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Viz Media
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Sometimes I enjoy simple goals; learning a new song, finishing a book, making a new recipe… you know- simple, normal things. It’s the simple things that carry us forward. It’s what we fight hard for. Sometimes we fight just as hard as Denji does to touch a boob in Chainsaw Man Vol.2. 

When we last saw Denji, he had his heart set out on completing his mission in exchange for touching a boob. With the start of Chapter 8 in Chainsaw Man Vol. 2, we are thrown right into the middle of a bloody fight between Denji and the Bat Devil. The conclusion of that battle was very much satisfying. Can we say the same for Denji, I wonder?

I think what draws me in the most on Chainsaw Man Vol. 2 is how Fujimoto draws his action lines. The way he creates movement makes you want to look at every line he draws and see what everything is doing in a single panel. With a weapon as messy as a chainsaw, there’s a lot of motion, and to be able to draw all that is impressive. It’s cathartic to stare at a double-page spread or gush over how certain objects are shadowed to portray distance, movement, emotion, etc. It’s much different from what I’m used to, but this abrasiveness is perfect for this series.

We get to see more Devil Hunters in the following chapters; not only that, we get to learn a little more about how Devil Hunting on a more professional level works. With the use of contracts, hunters can use other devils to help them with their extermination missions. It’s just one way that this story has managed to expand upon something that already exists in the world and give it more nuance. What this means about the morality and motives of the Devil Hunters as a whole becomes more questionable. It instantly makes them a more interesting organization. 

A powerful threat known as the Gun Devil appears to be Denji’s next goal. His reward is actually up in the air, and such a wild card gives our simple protagonist all the motivation he needs to work towards taking down this foe. The danger that an entity brings to the story brings a heaviness to Chainsaw Man Vol. 2 that was probably much needed at this point. Seeing how the Gun Devil has affected certain characters’ lives is very sobering amidst what has been a relatively upbeat series. This is no longer a story about just Denji, as his decisions and motivations are now affecting those around him. Volume 1 seemed to be the perfect hype magnet, while Volume 2’s plan is to keep your interest.

With an expanded cast, we are left to decide who our favorite among the current group is. Something tells me that maybe I shouldn’t get too attached as this has already proven to be quite a merciless series. Its many single-page spreads call for some fast-paced storytelling, and when things go fast, you don’t see the downhill coming. Chainsaw Man Vol. 2 isn’t all blood and guts. However, this time, it’s going to take more than slashing through something to defeat Denji’s current obstacles. For the first time that he’s had to work with a group, will the group work with him? A page-turner like Chainsaw Man certainly has me waiting on Volume 3 to find out.

Prepare For Nonstop Action | Chainsaw Man Vol. 2 Review
Chainsaw Devil Man Volume 1
The earthly desires of Denji have no limits. With a blank check hanging over him, Chainsaw Man will do anything to cash in on whatever he wants from Lady Makima.
Dynamic line movements
Detailed 2 page spreads
Shorter chapters due to minimal dialouge
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