Savage Dragon #199 Review

Savage Dragon #199

Story/Art: Eric Larson
Colours by: Nikos Koutsis
Published by: Image Comics

At the end of the last issue, Malcolm Dragon, after battling his way through Ant-menaces and lava lords to save Frank Darling, was in the clutches of The Great One – a giant Demonoid. We join this issue with Malcolm having a brief chat with the Great One, in an attempt to halt the conflict before it escalates. Since logic and clarity of thoughts aren’t the general state of mind in such events, the obvious conclusion to the discussion is all out war! With a huge army of monstrous monsters facing off against Malcolm, it is somewhat a relief that his step-sister Angel turns up with her super powered buddies of the Special Forces Strikeforce.savagedragon-199-2

This book is a rip-roaring battle on an epic proportion, with all sorts of pretty beasts up against Malcolm and co. The action rages almost from the first panel to the conclusion, and the pace skips along so briskly that before you realize it we’ve come to the end of #199 and are on the cusp of the BIG 200!

Eric Larson has delivered an adrenaline fueled issue of big monsters and big action, yes, the plot is very simple but this is a romp of a book so you don’t really question the threadbare plot as you are too taken with the stirring action. In terms of the characters here, they get little time to shine, though given the pace here you don’t mind that. There are still nice touches of the protagonists.

The art in this issue is spot on, being a fan of monsters, demons, dragons and such, you really appreciate what Eric has provided here. For such a fun and entertaining issue the ending sequence feels a little like a let down. Once the battle is resolved satisfactorily the end is almost a non-event. In mitigation though, when you have giant monsters battling on the streets, how do you deliver an ending that is not of the same caliber? Other than the off pace ending, this is a really fun read. Visually, it is a feast for the eye, and Eric’s flair for the monstrous is always a delight.

Next up is the 100 page behemoth of #200 – stay tuned for more Savagery!

Overall Score: 7/10