Back To The Future #3 Review


Story By Erik Burnham & Bob Gale
Art by Alan Robinson
Colors by Jose Luis Rio
Published By IDW Publishing


With the previous two issues under its belt, the Back to the Future comic book series has been a let down. I read the 3rd issue without having any expectations. I was glad I did because this book is by far the worst one yet. The story takes place back in the 1800s and Doc is telling is children another time travel story. This time, he tells BTTF3his kids about the time Marty’s parents (George and Lorraine McFly) was in danger in falling out of love with one another. This would be problematic because they have not been married yet and Marty, once again, is in danger of not existing. This time, Doc was there to save the day in his classic Doc Brown way.

The story in itself was terrible. It does not make any sense on why George and Lorraine have Doc to help them with their love problem. Not only that, but the story was throwing in recognizeable one liners that were in the movies in places where it should not have. One liners such as “Hey, get your damn hands off her” was trinkled in a segment that did not make any sense. What makes matters worse, wouldn’t the first Back to the Future movie be meaningless if another event like this would happen later on? I am not sure anymore. 

To add more salt to the wound, the second story was about old man Biff traveling back to the Prehistoric era. The story was simple, he was trying to get back to the correct time to hand his younger self the sports almanac. I understand that old man Biff probably had to have learned how to use the time machine by trial and error but, I do not feel that it was necessary to make a story around it. From the most part, this story was more non engaging than the first.

The art basically gave this book the killing blow. It felt too generic inside. It would seem that the best art on this book would be the multiple covers that were made for it.

One can only hope that this 4 part mini series will come to an end soon. Hopefully, this series will have a better story rather than have this mini tales when the ongoing back to the future comic will come out. In the meantime, I would not reference this to my worst enemy.