Black Science Issue 9 Review

Black Science #9

Published by Image
Written by Rick Remender
Art by Mateo Scalera and Dean White

Black Science #9 is more of a transition of the story and serves to move the story forward in a way that is fast paced, dramatic and leaves you in mystery. This issue starts with a nightmare sequence that does exactly what you expect a BS_9nightmare to do. It starts off with a bit of innocence and then something suddenly goes awry and spirals beyond control. Rebecca is the dreamer in this case allowing this dream to give her more development in her character as well as giving readers a possible glimpse into her past. Remender does a good job in inciting the fear and regret that is conveyed through her words and the words of her nightmarish tormentor.

This book also follows Nate and Pia’s peril on an alien planet inhabited by hostile beings. There are some close calls for the children and moments of humanity that will make readers root for them. Some developments occur during in this sequence that may either be salvation or damnation for the pair though neither can be determined as of yet.

There seemed to be a lot happening in this issue but this is the norm for the Black Science series so far. Matteo’s art is as dynamic and as frantic as ever in helping to advance Remender’s story. Matteo’s creature design is fascinating as well as refreshing so you won’t be bored with the imagery. These bites of story are not too small that you won’t be able to wet your appetite for this sci-fi adventure but Black Science #9 is definitely savory enough to leave you wanting more.


Overall Score: 7/10