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PCC 2014 Interview: Val Hochberg

During the weekend at Phoenix Comicon, we met a lot of amazing independant writers and authors. I ran into Mystery Babylon creator Val Hochberg and she was kind enough to do a small interview! Enjoy! Val is a wonderful writer,

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PCC 2014 Interview: Ethan Van Sciver

Chiba and Davies from The CFG coincidentally bumped into Ethan Van Sciver at Phoenix Comicon last weekend while dressed as a green lantern and red lantern. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! Enjoy the interview:

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HiFi creator Brian Miller Interview

Brian Miller has been in the comic book industry for years as an amazing colorist. His love of  coloring art allowed him to create a brand called HiFi. Davies had the chance to Interview him on Free Comic Book day

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Rob Guillory Interview at ECCC 2014

During ECCC, there were many amazing artist at the event. One I was glad to see was Chew artist Rob Guillory. He gave me the time to do an interview and explained his mindset and experience with Chew. Enjoy!

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