Dimension W Review

Dimension W manga written and created by Yuji Iwahara
Manga Published By: Square Enix
Available for streaming on Funimation (Japanese sub and English Dubbed) and weekly on Toonami.


Dimension W: Possibilites are almost endless.

The initial premise didn’t seem too far fetched: Jump ahead 20 years from our time and mankind has discovered another axis dimension.  Using a new device known simply as “Coils”, humanity can draw a limitless amount of energy that can be used from small devices like phones, to massive machines like airplanes directly from that plane of existence. The future is a world of unlimited energy and prosperity. But the thing that drew me in was not the world itself, but the story of a man and his robot partner, working to uncover a huge mystery shrouded by the very thing that has elevated mankind to the next level, Dimension W.

Mira Yurizaki, voice of reason and all around cute robot girl.

The story is focused around both Kyoma and Mira. Kyoma’s job is to collect illegal manufactured coils and exchange them for a bounty. This job is perfect for him as he hates coils with a passion. This also makes his partnership with Mira, an extremely advanced robot powered by coils unusual and rocky at the start. Mira was built by the coils creator, Dr Yurizaki for a purpose that we don’t truly learn about until the end. Both protagonists are likable if not a bit steeped in their respective tropes. Kyoma is a bad ass with missing memories. Mira is cutesy with just a touch of innocent naivete.  A great team despite how their union is kind of forced. Both are flawed, but they grow despite a short run of only 12 episodes.

          Kyoma, our rough and grumble protagonist.

The first four or so episodes do a fantastic job of establishing the cast and the fascinating but not too unbelievable world. After being brought together in a somewhat messy manor, the two perform several jobs together for their own reasons, but get entwined in a conflict tied deeply to Kyoma’s past. What makes this story as good as it is are how the individual pieces all start coming together. When they do, the impact they leave is heavy. I was especially fond of the episodes that took a Japanese horror style to them.  The last few episodes gave a great build up with a fairly satisfying conclusion. Through unraveling the mystery of Kyoma’s lost memories and Mira’s true purpose, they grow a bond with each other and blossom as individuals. The show lacks a true antagonist until the end which does hurt the narrative slightly as we don’t know who or what the opposing forces are. One might easily think “Loser”, a Phantom thief could be a rival that propels the show forward but he is scarce in appearances (despite being a very cool character). The independent arcs are well told and they served to keep my curiosity for what came next.  Ultimately, the overall story is worth following despite being a “read the manga” ending, i was still fairly happy with it.

In terms of Voice acting there isn’t really much that needs to be said. The Japanese dub has well casted actors and there wasn’t one I found any annoyance with. It’s English counter part (at the time of this review) are still releasing episodes with English dubbing. I like the over all sound of it so far but it seems less polished. Still, the dub work is suitable to the characters and sometimes that’s all we can ask for. Those watching it on Toonami on the weekends shouldn’t have any trouble watching this.

The art style for the show is nothing flooring, but not completely utilitarian either. One of the design choices I wasn’t terribly fond of is that they use character portraits and a monotone back ground during some exposition. When the show wants to look better, it does. More intense moments like chases or brawls definitely shine the brightest. And the use of CGI in this show is very limited and tastefully done, a passing mark for that as well. The animation was handled by  Studio 3Hz (Tokyo Xanadu, Sora No Method). They have only a handful of works so I”m curious to see what they will do next. I see potential in their work.

I really enjoyed my time with Dimenson W. If the short series was an attempt to make me hunt down the manga then it definitely worked. I hope for the series is successful because I would love to see more.