Justice League Rebirth Review

Story By: Bryan Hitch
Art By: Daniel Henriques with Scott Hanna
Colored By: Alex Sinclair
Published By: DC Comics


The Justice League The People Deserve


With the disappointing news last month that the last 5 issues of JLA was cancelled, there was a void that was created and needed to be filled. Luckily, fans of the Justice League did not have to wait very long! Presenting, Justice League Rebirth! What is more revealing is the writer, Bryan Hitch, the writer of the JLA book that was cancelled is leading the way of the Rebirth series! Hitch must be a very busy person these days since Justice League is one of the couple of books he will be writing in the new Rebirth era. The real question one has to ask is “Does this  Rebirth Justice League fill the void?” The quick answer to that would be yes… yes it does. 

In Justice League Rebirth, we find the team is trying to contain and handle a huge threat (shocker!). A giant alien life form is trying to kidnap the people living in a city by the tens of thousands and it is the Justice League who tries to stop it. Of course, the lifeform is impenetrable and the team is having a difficult time to contain the threat. Simple enough story right? Well, Bryan Hitch makes this story more interesting when he injected human elements in the Justice League team themselves. This life form attacked earth when the JL was in a weakened state. They were recently in mourning with the death of their fallen comrad, Superman, as well as trying to Justice League Rebirthfigure out if the other Superman that has been living on earth this whole time should be the newest member of this prestigous team. While all of this is going on, Hitch does an excellent job on the other Clark Kent’s internal struggle on if he should assist and join the Justice League or, stay “retired” and let them handle it themselves. With these elements added to a typical JL story, it makes reader a lot more interested in what is going on. The book also does a great job introducing two new members of the team, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz (The Green Lanterns).   

The art style in this premiere issue does not feel consistent throughout the book. Some of the images feel slightly warped. In some of the panels, some characters like Wonder Woman looks somewhat off but near the end of the book, it gets slightly better. The biggest issue I had was the over abundance of dark shading that was done. There is so much black shading in this book, it feels crazy to think that there is such a thing as “too much shading”. From the most part, the story is good enough to overlook the not so good art in the book.  

This book is a great read and a must buy to any fans of the JL! Hitch offered a great starting point to the new Rebirth series and I know will be asking for more.