Kickstarter News: Metamora #1 & #2


Kickstarter Project: Metamora Interview


On the kickstarter trail this week, we have Lou Frontier with his much anticipated Metamora – Lou was happy enough to chat with the CFG about the book and the kickstarter.

John – can you give us a quick rundown of your kickstarter?

Lou – Metamora follows the survival of humanity aboard a planetoid spaceship, The Metamora. Life in deep space is bad enough, but the deep ones are worse. We’re working on several taglines, and I’m no car salesman. It is a Lovecraftian Space Opera, that sees the fall of man and the rise of gods. It has a little something for everyone— horror, suspense, action, science, gratuitous violence, comedy, romance-ish, and Cthuhlu. We’re pretty happy with it.

John – can you tell us a little about your creative team for Metamora?

Lou – Our team consists of the core trio, Lou Frontier (Me), Alex Giles, and Alexandr Malyshev. I handle the words, while Alexandr does the entire rendition of the pages, and Alex is our Scottish letterer– like. We’ve an oribiting series of creators that are also bringing epic pieces of this puzzle to life. Guys like Kevin Parent, Russell Nohelty, Noeland Collins, Dana Black, Stefano Cardoselli, Saint Yak, Robert Nugent, Kamol, Bryan Timmins, Kris Harris, Jordan Kroeger, and more. All of these cats are bringing a piece of the Metamora puzzle and it’s collectively becoming a beautiful thing. We’ve been lucky in that rite. Such a great set of talent working hard to make such wonderful content. I couldn’t be happier with them.


John – your campaign got off to a flying start and you look to achieve your target within the opening week – does the appreciation of your project come as a surprise?

Lou – I think at this stage in the game it always surprises you to see people endorse, support, pledge, and genuinely want your product, brand, etc. I know for us it is a continual headspin. I keep looking and thinking “Woah, we’re going to do this. It’s all happening”, like some line from an acid flashback of someone’s yesteryear. Really though, we’re all very excited about the support. It validates what we’re doing and therefore adds another dimension to it’s creation.

John – crowdfunding has become a gateway to creators to realise their publishing dreams – how much influence has the likes of kickstarter had on your book? Would it have been viable without crowdfunding?

Lou – rate. Who’s to say how that will turn out? Will it hit a ceiling or is it going to break through again and again? I know it’s made an impact on me personally and it has made the scale of our Metamora dreams much larger. It gave us a tool to expand our audience to the best of our ability, would we be here without it? In some form and fashion, absolutely. Kickstarter just allows us to reach folks with a better honed product. Which is a wonderful thing, ain’t it?


John – your present kickstarter is for the first 2 issues of the book – where do you see the future of Metamora going?

Lou – Well it depends on the outcome of the Kickstarter. Of course we’re in this for the long haul, and I can say with a certainty, that we have at least 6 issues in our Kickstarter sixgun. Could be more… Only time will tell. I think Metamora has a definitive end, which is important in the indie comics scene, you can run a good brand for a good while, and while I like Metamora, I wouldn’t want to solely be known for just that. These characters have a story, they will live out their lives and come to harvest. I think it’s something special, really. The finite nature of a character in the infinite world of fiction. How they can be reincarnated just by flipping a page, or rereading a book. To live and die— such is a theme in Metamora and the ultimate outcome for it. Wonderfully fitting I think, don’t you?