Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1- Review

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1- Review
Minecraft: Story Mode
Telltale Games 
Available On PlayStation 4, Playstation 3, XboxOne, Xbox360, PC


Minecraft: Story Mode is a story that begins with a group of friends, Olivia, Axel and Jessie, the player character going to enter a literal team building contest, where they compete to build the best structure in the festival, Endercon. But the story quickly turns into an adventure where one of the monsters from the original Minecraft breaks out of control, The Wither. Jessie and friends are tasked with the job of assembling the former heroes of the world known as The Order of the Stone to slay monster after it escapes the control of it’s master.376870_2015-10-13_00041

The gameplay is the same old Telltale Games style that we’ve seen in Telltale’s The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, but the active button prompts are fun to do only because there are several moments where you get to watch the characters on screen quickly build something with that familiar Minecraft look and feel that fans would be used to. There are other points of the game that were fun to play. Early in the game, you literally start gathering supplies to build their entrant for the Endercon by punching trees just like in the original. There were also a few moments where you have to place the proper ingredients in order to get the desired object that you want. I actually was surprised that I had to place the stick and two stones in the exact same order as in original Minecraft to make a stone sword.

As far as sound is concerned, this is actually the first Telltale Game that I played that had absolutely no issues at all with the audio at all. There was no stuttering, the music never cut out or got 376870_2015-10-13_00020choppy at all. All of the game’s audio was perfectly fine. This game has biggest all star cast of voice acting than any of TellTale’s previous games. Some names like  Patton OswaltCorey Feldman and with Billy West acting as the story’s narrator.

As a game based on Minecraft, you really shouldn’t expect much in terms of graphics other than some really good looking blocky environment. This game doesn’t demand much for graphics and should be able to run on just about any computer made in the last five or so years. The only issue that occurred towards the middle to end of the game was that the blocks and pixels would warp and/or stretch across the screen, however whenever it happened, it stretched incredibly far and throughout the world to the point where I had to shut down and restart the game from the main menu several times while playing. I even tried editing the graphics settings, but after restarting the my computer, it seemed like it resolved all of the graphical issues.

In the end, this is another Telltale Game that’s worth a look into if you’re a fan of Minecraft. If you just want to see a funny adventure story with lego-like characters if Minecraft isn’t something you’re familiar with. If you really like Minecraft lore and want to see an original story taking place in its world, then you might want to pick this game up.






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