Playism Q&A Part 1: ‘Bright Memory: Infinite’ developer FYQD Studios

This one man studio is looking to make an epic splash with his follow up game!

Playism is a multi-faceted game distribution company that does it all including publishing, marketing, localization, and debugging. They’ve been involved with the international release of many notable indie titles including Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight, La Mulana 2, 2064: Read Only Memories, VA-11 Hall-A, Half Minute Hero, and more.

Despite the cancellation of GDC 2020, we had the opportunity to chat with various developers that have partnered with Playism. This includes FYQD Studios, the one man studio that behind the eye popping first person shooter Bright Memory and the upcoming Xbox Series X title, Bright Memory: Infinite. 

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Questions for Bright Memory, Bright Memory: Infinite developer FYQD Studio

Is there a development roadmap for Bright Memory and when can expect the game to leave early access?

Bright Memory just recently left early access on Steam with it’s 1.0 update. While there is an internal roadmap for Bright Memory: Infinite that I have shared with my publisher and other project partners, this has not been made available to the public.

However, I generally update players on how the project is coming along through various announcements, trailer reveals, etc. Bright Memory: Infinite is currently on track to finish development by the end of 2020, specific release dates will be announced further down the line closer to the end of the development cycle.

Why did you decide to emphasize boss fights?

While I was developing the early access version of Bright Memory, I felt gameplay-wise it was a bit short and that it was lacking something. In order for players to stay engaged and the intensity levels to be maintained, I added some special fight scenes at certain points in the game. Bosses suddenly pop up during gameplay and challenge the player’s skills which I feel helps players refresh while playing.

What are the key differences between the original Bright Memory and Infinite?

Bright Memory: Infinite will have a new combat system and a more complex game map. Players will need to use their skills effectively in order to defeat enemies and progress in the game, this avoids players just relying on their guns during gameplay.

The map will be a great improvement over the original game and it will be bigger and better. In addition to combat, I wanted the scenery and graphics to also be important aspects of the game so there will be a lot of climbing and traversing the map (as can be seen in the new gameplay trailer) so players will have plenty of chances to take in the scenery.

When can we expect news regarding Infinite? 

Once there is a major game exhibition in the game industry, my partners at PLAYISM and I will provide some game news in advance, such as game trailers, gameplay demos, etc. Maybe everyone can look forward to some subsequent game exhibitions.

My publisher PLAYISM and I plan on sharing more news at the next major game show opportunity, possibly trailers and gameplay demos but with the current state of the world, we don’t know when that will be.

Have you considered multiplayer features such as PVP or PVE?

Bright Memory was conceived as a single-player story-focused game so currently, there are no plans for multiplayer in mind.


Bright Memory is available on Steam and is bundled with the upcoming Bright Memory: Infinite.

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