RWBY – The Official Manga Vol. 1 Review

Its RWBY! In manga form

Release Date
July 22, 2020
Published By:
Viz Media
Story & Art By:
Bunta Kinami
In 2013, Rooster Teeth released a new series from the mind of the late Monty Oum called RWBY. It is the story of four strong girls who are training to become Huntresses; humanity’s only hoped of defeating the shadowy and threatening creatures known as Grimm. For seven seasons, team RWBY went through a lot of twists and turns that left fans in awe with suspense. Now, Viz Media is bringing the story of RWBY in manga form with RWBY – The Official Manga Vol. 1.  
RWBY – The Official Manga Vol. 1 is not a variation of the story, but rather a one-to-one retelling for the animated series in manga form. You get to meet the main characters of the story again from the base level. Meet Ruby Rose. She is the youngest student attending the school of Beacon. Ruby wants to become a huntress to try to protect everyone. Being the new kid on the block, she meets her teammates and BFFs for life, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and her sister, Yang Xiao. With the main cast all set, RWBY – The Official Manga Vol.1 takes you through the beginning trials of team RWBY’s path of becoming Huntresses. If you are familiar with the series, Vol. 1 does not throw anything new at you. It is exactly how you remember the first season of the show. For new fans, the book does an excellent job guiding the story at a comfortable pace. There is a lot of action immediately introduced to a modern reader that engages you sparring any dull moments. I also have to admit; there are some scenes in RWBY vol.1 that I am glad to experience all over again. Seeing the gang fighting against the Grimm was fun to see. Volume 1 gives a less complicated RWBY world from where they currently are in the series today.  
Ruby and Weiss. Art by Bunta Kinami
The best thing I took from reading RWBY – The Official Manga Vol 1. is its art style. Bunta Kinami makes the series her own by introducing her creative style of the world of Remnant. I adore her blend of dark ink colors and light white touches she puts in each panel. I am impressed with Bunta Kinami’s character designs of team RWBY and the other supporting characters themselves. They are marvelous to look at, and I cannot wait to see even more in its future. 
Overall, RWBY The Official Manga Vol 1. is a fun series to read. With the fantastic pencils, Bunta Kinami provides, it gives the reader a fresh look on a retelling of the story. Being reasonably familiar with the RWBY series, the story did not quite catch me the second go-around in the manga format. However, Fans who are introduced to these characters for the first time will have a great time reading this inaugural volume of the series. 
RWBY – The Official Manga Vol. 1 Review
RWBY - The Official Manga Vol. 1
The official manga is one-to-one re-telling of the origin story of the hit animated series. The best thing that this issue provides is the beautiful art style of the character and world.
Really good art style
RWBY initial story comes off a little slow