Shonen Jump New Series Sakamoto Days Is Out And I Am Hooked

Shonen Jump has debuted a new hitman series called Sakamoto Days, and it is one that has stolen my heart. The only information I got from this new series was the little preview snippet on the Shonen Jump App. Just a round-looking dude with a tiny mustache that wields what looks like a barcode scanner? Very strange. But, I’m always one to give a new series a chance on its pilot, so I indulged in this quirky looking story. 

On more than one occasion, I found myself chuckling at how well the comedy is written in this first chapter. We follow Taro Sakomoto, the world’s most accomplished hitman. One day, he walks into a convenience shop and instantly falls in love with the clerk. He settles down, gets married, has a kid, and… gains weight. This speaks to me on a fundamental level as a father myself, and I couldn’t help but become instantly invested.

The majority of the first chapter brings us into the daily life of Sakomoto and his family in the very same convenience store he found the love of his life. Despite his ramen fueled belly, his senses and reflexes are as sharp as ever. Mr. Sakamoto is a man of few words, which makes the story more amazing. Instead, we get to hear the quiet thoughts in his head through the help of an old ESP partner of his who conveniently translates the ex-hit man’s silence.

Seeing just how agile this chunky older man is in full action to save his old comrade in arms was so fun to read. His faster than lightning movements were drawn out gave us a good taste of what we can look forward to in the chapters to come. I would say overall, and this pilot is successful in garnishing the attention of any curious readers. It is hard to tell where the story will go from here, but I feel it’s not going to be anything expected. 

Sakomoto Days comes through in a time where Yakuza Comedies are starting to appear more frequently. I am reminded of Household Husband when reading Sakamoto Days, but the difference in mood and plot trajectory is much different and can hardly be compared in their first chapters. All I know is that I have a new weekly obsession for now, and I hope you all will join me too!