Yusei Matsui Will Be Attending New York Comic Con!

If Stan Lee was not enough to go to New York Comic Con this year, here is more of a reason. VIZ Media and ReedPOP has confirmed the creator of out-of-this-world action comedy Assassination Classroom, Yusei Matsui, is coming stateside to New York Comic Con 2016!

The alien-in-the-homeroom comedy ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM is a consistent NY Times bestseller, with 10 print volumes currently available (Vol. 11 debuts August, Vol. 12 in October). The series has been adapted into a 2-season anime adaptation, as well as two live action films. Matsui Sensei is also the creator of Neuro: Supernatural Detective

In the series, the misfits of Class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High have a most peculiar new teacher and curriculum… They need to kill their alien octopus teacher within a year so that he doesn’t destroy the earth! But though he’s got bizarre powers and super strength, and he’s just destroyed the moon, what makes things more complicated is that he’s the best teacher they’ve ever had! This over-the-top action thrill ride will have you rooting for both the students AND their alien teacher! 

The show is growing by the week and fans need to remember if you want to attend the monumental convention, you would to register by June 13th 2016 on the NYCC Reg page