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Anime Los Angeles 2017 – Interview with Mela Lee

  Mela Lee is a voice actress that has done voice work for countless video games, anime, and commercials over the past decade. Her versatility as a voice actress has landed her a diverse variety of roles including Yuki Cross

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Interview with Voice Actor Brian Beacock

  Brian Beacock is a voice actor, actor, writer, producer, and musician who has done voice over work for the past two decades. His diverse body of work include roles in shows like Digimon Tamers, Bleach, Durarara!!, Naruto, Code Geass,

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Anime Los Angeles 2017 – Interview with Hiroaki Inoue

  Hiroaki Inoue’s career as animator began with Tezuka Productions, founded by legendary Astro Boy creator Osamu Tezuka. Inoue would go to co-found Gainax and be involved with the production of classics such as Perfect Blue, Memories, Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise,

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FanimeCon 2016: Interview with Yoshihiro Watanabe

  Yoshihiro Watanabe (渡邊 義弘) is a character designer and key animator for anime series such as Heaven’s Lost Property, Haganai, and The Testament of Sister New Devil. He’s also known for his mechanical designs in popular shows like Please

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FanimeCon 2016: Interview with Cristina Vee

  Cristina Vee has a done a variety of voice work for video games, anime, and original animation since her debut in 2005. She has voiced popular characters such as a Mio Akiyama ( K-ON!), Alisa Bosconovitch (Tekken Blood Vengeance),

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DBZ: Battle of the Gods Interview

 Akira Toriyama’s Dragonball Z series is one of the most popular anime series that has hit the US for years. With a total of 14 movies that spanned in over 20 years, DBZ is back with their 15th movie called

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