CFG GameCast #22: Is FFVII Remake Turnbase True Turnbase?

CFG GameCast #22: Is FFVII Remake Turnbase True Turnbase?


Its Twitchcon weekend! Because of this, Smitty is out partying it up and Flexiss was away. What better way to invite not one, but two guests! Davies has special guests Bri aka QTPyeX and Greenlit Content director of E-sports Bryan Dawson on the show. 

In CFG Gamecast #22, Bryan brings to the table the question about how FFVII Remake will be doing their turn based fighting option. Bri talks about some of the possible harming issues introduced at Twitchcon leaving their alcohol out. And Davies talks about a mode exclusivity deal is a good thing for Call of Duty. Enjoy as always!

Davies Green

Davies Green

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