Dragon Age Magekiller Issue #3 Review

Dragon Age Magekiller Issue #3
Story By: Greg Rucka
Published By Dark Horse


Magekiller Issue #1 was solid.  Issue #2…eh…it had an iffy start, but then turned out just fine. Issue #3?  It completely sucked me in and held my attention the entire time and left me begging the question “What happens next?!” The first two issues almost felt like a prologue to this issue.  Finally we are starting to get into the meat of some kind of overarching story!  If you’ve played Dragon Age Inquisition, this is your bread and butter.  If you haven’t, you’ll still enjoy it as it catches you up pretty smoothly without overwhelming exposition.

The best thing about this issue is seeing how Marius and Tessa deal with the world “coming to an end” when the Breach is opened.  They are at a severe disadvantage.  DA3-1They have no mystical Anchor to help them close the rifts.  They have no band of supportive characters to help lighten the load as the world falls apart around them.  And they certainly don’t have the help of a sagacious hedge mage telling them how to close any of these Rifts.  All they have is each other.  And they do the best they can.  It’s a great chance to see their resolve.  And what makes them a great duo.

As for the character development…

Marius’ once suave, silent stoicism is now devolving into the stereotypical warrior:  skilled with the blade, and dull as a butter knife.  I want to like him, but he continues to be one-dimensional.  I’m hoping as the comic progresses we learn more of his backstory that may help flesh him out a bit more.  Issue two showed promise, but not enough to keep him interesting aside from his badassery in battle.  Tessa, however, continues to be a strong and likeable main character.  We learn more about her, we see what kind of awesome she can do and as this story progresses my fondness for her is reinforced.

Despite Marius’ lackluster demeanor, their chemistry works.  It doesn’t feel romantic, however, which I find refreshing.  They are a solid team and I hope this continues because a love story between them at this point would seem forced.

All around I found this to be as enjoyable as the first Magekiller issue, and as with two previous issues, it will leave you with a cliffhanger that had me going “OMG!  It’s over already?!  I need to know what happens next!”