New Warriors #3 Review

New Warriors #3

Marvel Comics
Written by Christopher Yost
Art by Marcus To

So far one of the things i’m really digging with the latest re-launch of the Warriors is that Christopher Yost has taken into account everything that has happened up until now.  From the original group to the events that started a war to the fact that Robbie and Vance were part of other teams and the established characters such as Scarlet Spider had a previous tumultuous life before being dragged into all this madness.  With the introduction of Sun Girl (alas i’d rather it be Turbo) and the new Inhuman along with a new Atlantean, things are really heating up.

We have seen the High Evolutionary when he kidnapped Nova. Now, we get the back-story of it all.  When the Celestials came to Earth, they created the three races, Human, Eternal and Deviant. How the  Eternals and Deviants went to war while mankind evolved from their seed you begin to see the High Evolutionary’s point of view.  The humans were never supposed to evolve into beings of power, though lets face it evolution is just the ability to adapt and excel.  Plus after everything he’s done in the past its a tad hypocritical of the High Evolutionary to declare war but honestly what better way to bring this team together!

Oh and having Sam listen to the rant from Herbert, the High Evolutionary, was utterly fantastic!  Plus, having his goons return with the Atlantean, the girl of magic, and the clone when they did… His decision to keep them after extracting gene samples was fortuitous for us as readers and his own megalomania.


Then, we see what’s happening with Vance and his little crew.  After the Mark is identified as Inhuman the cops go crazy and make a hasty retreat.  Vance looks like he’s regressed a bit physically. That is a shame in my eyes, he needs to be the voice of reason and the one to lead this rag tag team.  How they are going to work together and find the others remains to be seen but so far this fractured thing is working to the readers advantage.

We’re not leaving Kaine and the others out because Sam was able to wake them all up with his incessant chatter.  Kaine was able to free everyone and that is when Nova was supposed to get out and head for help.  Instead of course he decided to remain with them and consider himself the rescue party.

 Too much time and life experience has passed and this new evolution of the team seems to be its most promising and intriguing incarnation yet. Yost really has a handle on these characters already and he’s seriously a talent to watch out for! The interior artwork is very Marvel-esque though I would like to see them less as kids and more as the individuals they are. This is an incredible collection of some of today’s most underutilized characters in the Marvel Universe.

Overall score: 8/10

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