Super Sonico First Impressions

Hello everyone out there! Its Dojima and man do I have an anime for you that I am really excited for that just started airing!  That anime is like the title of the article implies: its Super Sonico The Animation!


For everyone who does not know about who Super Sonico is, let me fill you in who exactly she is! She is a mascot for the Japanese visual novel company NitroPlus . She has been used from everything to  Manga, various music products, Video games, figures and other products through out japan. Now that you have this brief background (Ill go into some more later) let me go into whats what this article is all about the Animation!  Now, the animation is being handled by one of my favorite animation companies right now, White Fox.  White Fox’s is known for titles such as Katanagatari, Jormungand, Hatarku Mao-sama, and last but not least (and an anime on my top five of all time lists) Stein’s Gate!

Now last Monday (Jan 20) the third episode of the anime aired and I do have to say that I am generally surprised with how well the show actually is! Ask anyone who knows who Super Sonico is and they will probably give you the answer of “Oh the anime is going to be nothing but fan service.” well anyone who thinks that would be sorely mistaken!


“But wait, if the show isn’t about the fan service what is it about then?”That is a good question Saitama! See, the anime focuses more about who Sonico is more than just her sweater puppies! The first episode opens up where she is being awaken by her cats where she has multiple alarms going of to make sure that she isn’t late to her class at her local college and then off to very busy day full of modeling and then band practice!  The anime from what has been shown in these three episodes shows that Sonico while some what absent minded at time is very smart and isn’t just another clumsily character. Her manager is also super protective of Sonico and makes sure she is not put in anything too reveling or have anything bad happens to her, (He had an amazing scene in episode three I wont say but you’ll have to see for yourselves.

Sonio's Manager
Sonio’s Manager

Also, another plus for anyone out there that LOVES VN (Visual Novels) Like i do should recognize Sonico’s bandmates! They are both from the Nitro+ VN called Axanael! I’m super excited that she is here, I really like her!


Suzu Fujimi is the Bassist
Suzu Fujimi is the Bassist!
Fuuri Watanuki is the drummer!
Fuuri Watanuki is the drummer!
And Super Sonico on Guitar!
And Super Sonico on Guitar!

The animation in this show is flawless at least from the first three episodes; though, if there is something that White Fox is good for its making sure that the quality of their anime stays the same through out the whole show! Now I can already tell that Super Sonic is not going to be an anime that makes any tops five lists anywhere but the show is enjoyable enough to get me to keep watching and really enjoy it! Super Sonico get my stamp of approval and everyone should go check it out!

-Actual Stamp picture coming soon!-